Deception Point by Dan Brown

December 21, 2011
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“Agent Sexton, the President called me about a half hour ago. In direct reference to you.”  The book Deception Point, by Dan brown is a very good book with an original plot like no other.
    This book is about Senator Sedgewik Sexton’s daughter, Ms. Sexton, who is called to meet the President of the United sates of America.  The president tells Ms. Sexton that NASA has made an incredible find, on that is much greater than even Man walking on the moon.  This information could have a huge impact on the Presidential campaign that unfolds during this book.  Senator Sedgewik Sexton is the President’s main opponent, and he has been gaining a foothold in the campaign by targeting NASA’s recent string of failures.  But NASA’s find could have a huge impact on the President’s campaign, but some people think that NASA’s discovery came just at the right time for the president.  NASA’s discovery could prove to have more behind it than what appears.
This book has a story line that is constantly getting changed by new information, and new characters.  The point of view in this book is from many different people, each with their own thoughts and ideas about the discovery NASA made.  I like the way the author shows you each of these characters with their points of view and knowledge at the right time, so you know just enough about what is happening in the book.
The way Brown describes the characters personality is also something I really like about this book. William pickering, Ms. Sexton’s employer has a personality that was described to me very well. “To call the NRO director a plain man was in itself an overstatement. NRO director William Pickering was diminutive, with pale skin, a forgettable face, a bald head, and hazel eyes, which despite having gazed upon the country’s deepest secrets, appeared as two shallow pools.” I really love the language the author used here.
I also like the way the plot is laid out.  One thing I like about it is that it could happen tomorrow.  The plot makes you want to read on, because you want to know how the new information that is fed to you throughout the book will affect the presidential campaign and the plot. When there is a new piece of information it forces you to read on. I recommend this amazing book to people who like action and betrayal.

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1laka1 said...
Dec. 27, 2011 at 1:15 pm
This is the best ever!
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May 25, 2014 at 3:40 am
ya nice i like this teen account it's awesome u know?
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