The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

December 20, 2011
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The Name of this Book is Secret. Yes! I mean it! The book is actually called that. This compelling fantasy be Pseudonymous Bosch is about two kids who have to find The Secret before the evil alchemists of the Midnight Sun find it. Cass is a girl who has dedicated her life to being a survivalist, planning ahead for every natural disaster that could ever come her way. Max-Ernest is a logic driven, intelligent boy whose parents fight over his attention, making him awkward. His allergies make him afraid of everything. When the kids find the Symphony of Smells, they use it to unlock the mystery of the amazing Bergamo Brothers. Keeping their mission a secret is challenging and inviting. Cass and Max- Ernest go on a adventure that must be kept secret from their parents, their principals, and their peers. This story is exciting from annoying girls to gunshots. Together they create a dynamic duo in unlocking the mysterious secret.

Bosch has a sassy, innovative writing style that keeps pages turning. From his asterisks, to his appendices, Bosch makes you go days on end thinking about the next chapter. I loved how he made the place and the characters unknown, to support the secret theme. Even his name, Pseudonymous, means of or pertaining to a fake name. I enjoyed how mysterious the end of each chapter is, Bosch knows exactly how to make a perfect chapter cliffhanger. This book is phenomenal and my favorite of the series. Most series just have one amazing book, but not this one! Each one is equally good. From the first chapter, the series will grab your attention and keep you reading. I recommend this story to everybody young and old, even if this isn't you typical genre. You won't want to keep this book a secret!

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