Lupita Manana by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
Lupita mananaa was an interesting novel, but not for me.
A young girl named Lupita and her older sibling named Slavador. Their story begins when Lupita’s family is having money problems and recently their father is killed on a fishing boat accident. Lupita and her brother are forced to find work in the United States to support the Family. Along the way they face difficult problems with la migra and their own money issues.

There were many parts in the novel that became vary predictable and other parts that got annoying. Lupita and Salvador find a way to Indio, at a railroad station. They hide in a metal hopper car while another family hides in a box car next to them. Guards come and check the box car next to the theirs, the family is taken away and lupita and slavador aren’t spotted. This is a good example were the novels chapters become vary predictably and the book becomes boring. I would recommend this book for people that love boring and predictable books.

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