LUPITA MAÑANA by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
By ilovearianna PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
ilovearianna PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
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The book Lupita Mañana was a story about Lupita and Salvador Torres who have to leave their home-town of Ensenada, Mexico to cross the border into America after their father dies at sea. It tells of their struggles crossing the border and the struggles faced in America being an illegal immigrant, and figuring out America isn’t the paradise they thought. I love the idea trying to be expressed in the book, but the book became predictable and un-realistic.
The reason I portrayed the book as un-realistic and predictable is because every chapter ended on a cliff hanger! And every time they “faced” danger it ended up in a positive way. I wanted to jump off the cliffs, but I knew there would be a net there to catch me. Also, I see it as unrealistic because when La Migra came to the café they escaped just in the nick of time. And in another incident, they came out of the train hopper and they meet a man and he says “come to the back of my van, I have tortillas.” I was like are you seriously going to trust him? PEDIFILE! I also felt the book disappointed me because the book was only from Lupita’s point of view. I would have liked to see what Salvador was thinking.
This book was intense and suspenseful. I recommend it to people who like books with realistic problems and a giggle here and there. Lupita Mañana will make you laugh and cry.

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