Lupita Manana by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
By Makayla Arroyo BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Makayla Arroyo BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Lupita Mañana is a very exciting book but it is also very realistic at some points too. There were times where I thought, “Really, when does that ever happen?” It is about two siblings, Lupita, and her brother, Salvador having to sneak into the United States illegally to support their family after a family tragedy. The book tells about their struggle and adventure to get to the U.S.A. Their brother and sister bond also changes throughout the story.

There were many exciting and unrealistic parts in Lupita Mañana. I was very excited when I read about Lupita getting to go to her first dance. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. Along with the excitement came how unlikely it was. Salvador and Lupita are caught in a situation where they have to hide from security in boxcars. Security checks every single boxcar but the one they were in! Of course they ended up in an extremely unlikely situation. It was very unrealistic for them to make it into the United States in general. One of the most exciting parts is when Lupita and Salvador get to Aunt Consuelo and see what she really is. That is the point that Salvador and Lupita finally seem to see what the “real world’’ is like. I found that part to be exciting because it was full of suspense. It had many more parts that had me on the edge of my seat but there were also many situations that were very unrealistic.

Lupita Mañana was definitely worth reading. Besides the extremely unrealistic moments, it is a good story. At times it seemed too “pretty.” Over all it had a great story line and I would recommend it to anybody who has a lot of patience with books and doesn’t get bored as easily as I do.

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