Lupita Manana by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
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Lupita Manana Review

At the beginning a family tragedy happens to Lupita’s family and leaves Lupita and her brother Salvador to get a job. But Lupita and Salvador must cross the border in order to get a job in the United States. Lupita and Salvador cross the border and get a job. Then they send mama money. Lupita and Salvador live with their aunty in Indio. Finally a bad tragedy happens at the end.

This book was an ok book. The book would get unrealistic at times and Lupita and Salvador would get lucky until the end. So all in all this book was an alright book.

The book would get exciting when Salvador and Lupita were crossing the border. This part would get more intense each step they took. The book would get unrealistic when Lupita and Salvador would get lucky. They got lucky when the guy working on the trains gave them a job and a shelter. Also they got lucky because their aunty was poor and she gave them a chance to live with her. The aunty was also nice because she gave them a job.

All in all, I think this book was a pretty good book. I just didn’t like when Lupita and Salvador got really lucky. This book was also boring at the beginning because nothing interesting happened. I would only recommend this book to people that like read about immigration. I would compare this book to Under the Same Moon the movie. The book and the movie are kind of alike. Finally, if you like books with people crossing the border I would recommend this book to you and if you like unrealistic books.

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