Lupita Manana by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
By miche_babes BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
miche_babes BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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Lupita Mañana Review

Lupita mañana is a story about two teenagers that are forced to cross the border because
of a horrible tragedy. There father had died and he was the one that made the most money in the house and he was the one that brought food to the table. As they crossed the border to try and find jobs in the United States to support there younger siblings and help there mother out with money they ran into a lot of problems. This book was very interesting and exciting but at times it was very unrealistic. This book always kept me at the edge of my seat because I just wanted to know twhat happened next! Sometimes it was so unrealistic it was just frustrating to keep on reading it.

Some parts that were exciting was when Lupita’s aunt forced Salvador to take Lupita to the dance with him, it was her first dance so she was nervous. Another part that was very exciting and unrealistic was when they had checked all the box car except the one they were in like come on now there not just going the skip 1!!! They got a lot of help so I thought that was kind of weird because if would be really difficult to find that kind of help.

In conclusion I thought this book was really interesting it was a clift hanger. I really liked this book. But at times I didn’t like it because of how unrealistic it was. I recommend this book to who ever likes reading about what illegal immigrants go threw..

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