Divergent by Veronica Roth

December 16, 2011
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Divergent is a great book. It has a combination of action, choice and a hint of romance. It is about a girl that when she is little, lives in the Abnegation faction and then choses to transfer Dauntless faction. When she takes the aptitude test to tell what faction is best for her, her results come in as divergent which means she has several factions that she fit in with her, which makes this decision very hard for her. After thinking about it she makes her decision to go to the Dauntless faction and realizes if she has made the right decision after experiencing a couple of days in her new faction. After meeting her friends Christina and Will, she realizes this isn’t such a bad place and starts to like the freedom involved with it. After the ranks come up for the second stage of initiation, she sees that she is first and that’s when she realizes that people are starting to realize she’s divergent which is very dangerous, but she doesn’t know why. She starts gets worried after someone tells her about their brother and how died because he was divergent. This book is about her journey in her new faction, how she interacts with others, what she has to do in this faction, and the people she meets. Personally, I love this book and I can’t wait for the second.

This book was really amazing. For me, it was very unique and super engaging! Although it wasn’t a challenge, I really enjoyed it. I think that Tris was a real inspiration to me. The way she was brave and courageous, the way how she didn’t let anyone push her down, and how she stuck to her self and who she was, even when people wanted her to change. For me this is a perfect book. With action mixed with romance. I think that anyone would like this.

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