The Art of War by Sun Tzu

December 15, 2011
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Useful and helpful are two words that come to mind when the book The Art of War is mentioned. These words come to my mind because the book brings together strategies that are helpful and useful in everyday life. This novel was written some two thousand years ago, so old that it was originally written on bamboo planks, and the techniques in it are true still today. The book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a Chinese, warrior, is all about strategy: strategy in war. However, war isn’t just physical war between nations, but any type of conflict. The author describes the effective ways that battles can be won and the ineffective actions that can lost a battle. Throughout the book it explains what should be done when conflict appears. Sun T
zu tells all the different elements of beating one’s opponent

The Art of war is an informative book, but it isn’t in the slightest bit boring. Often animals are used as metaphors in the books to explain certain elements of conflict. Those comparisons lighten the mood of the plot of war. One of the greatest aspects of this novel is that everyone goes through conflict because it is inevitable and so everyone can relate to this book. As long as we as human beings are imperfect, we will have battles between each other, and this book will be good help to the pathway of life.
All of the concepts are not too difficult to read and examine, allowing the book to have a wide range of people who can understand the messages. One reason I find this book very important and one book that should be read front to back is because in the scenario that a conflict happens, if they have read the book, they know the routes to take to lead to each outcome. In some ways it is a cheat sheet to fighting. However, not all wars will be won from the knowledge in this book. Having read it will make conflict easier to experience, and there is a better chance of winning. Reading this explains many ways that conflict can be ignored and gives the reader many more options of what to do when conflict arises. Having read this book, I feel I am well prepared to deal with the struggles of everyday life and to overcome the daily “wars” of society.

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