The Firm by John Grisham

December 12, 2011
Book Review
I read The Firm by John Grisham. It is written from third person omniscient point of view and it is a drama. This book follows Mitch McDeere, a young lawyer fresh out of law school and his wife Abby McDeere. When Mitch is given an offer that he can’t refuse at an obscure big time tax firm, he takes it. The tax firm pays Mitch 80 thousand the first year, gets a really low mortgage on his house and basically buys him a new BMW. But it’s not long before Mitch starts to get suspicious. What really happened to the two firm members that died? When Mitch is contacted by the Wayne Tarrance, an FBI agent the whole thing is blown out of proportion. Tarrance explains to Mitch that the Firm is a front for the Moralto crime family in Chicago, and the FBI needs an inside man to close the deal. Mitch soon realizes that if he helps the FBI, he is going to need a plan to stay safe, because the Mafia never forgets. But when everything goes wrong Mitch has to hightail it out of the country with his wife and brother, with the FBI going after him on one side and the Mob on the other.
I rated this book a four because it is an amazing book but it has a couple of racy moments that make this book inappropriate for younger readers. What really made this book great was the ability of the author to really paint a picture in my head of exactly what is happening. All of the characters really had a lot of depth to them and you could really feel that the author really spent a lot of time making each and every one of them. I also loved how the book is faced paced and keeps you on your toes. Like if you think that you know what coming next, bam, it throws you a curveball. This book really held my attention; I mean I seriously could not put that book down until I had finished it. The author has a great voice that really holds you captive. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading that is captivating

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