thirteen reasons why by jay asher

December 13, 2011
By , Lilburn, GA
A book review on Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher

Have you ever been a victim of, witnessed, or even contributed to an act of bullying? After completing Thirteen Reasons Why, a moving realistic fiction book about a girl named Hannah Baker, who commits suicide, I began to think about everything I say to people. It shows what the outcome of seemingly harmless comments and actions will have on someone else. This is a great story that I recommend to everyone.
If you‘re like me and have read hundreds of books you may tire of the mundane plots that many books hold. This book will grab you on the first page and pull you in head first. Jay Asher does an exceptional job of weaving an intricate and original story plot with amazing imagery and a great moral all into one book.

When Clay Jensen receives a package addressed to him on his front door he finds his world broken in two. Inside are seven tapes with the life of Hannah Baker on them. And while this in itself is only slightly unusual, Hannah committed suicide two weeks earlier. As Clay plays the tapes he hears Hannah, his crush, explain how thirteen people gave her a reason to kill herself. She says that if you are listening to the tapes, then you’re one of the reasons.

As you’re reading you learn that it was the small things that people said or did that had the biggest affect on her. Her tapes took twelve people through the depression and pain, some self inflicted, before they reached Clay. His view on the last weeks of Hannah’s life is changed forever as he sees the impact the different deeds that people have done had on Hannah.

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