my labotomy by howard dully

December 12, 2011
By nicole westerlind BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
nicole westerlind BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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My Lobotomy by Howard Dully is a touching story that is about a young boy struggling to find himself. His parents do not care for him as much as they do there other children. He does not know much about his mother, for she dies when he was quite young. His father remarried to a woman who would damage his life. His step mother punishes him and is very harsh towards him for things he does not do. He is raised different from his brothers, and not treated right at all. He was deprived of the pleasure of having a family that loved and cared for him.

His father works all day and most of the night so he is clueless as to the way he is treated by his step mother. She punishes him and makes him work for things he did not do or cannot help but do. She looks at him as stupid and thinks there is something mentally wrong with him. Anyone who reads this book knows the truth is that there is nothing wrong with this boy and the measures the stepmothers take to get him out of her life are wrong and very messed up. She convinces her husband that a lobotomy is necessary to help this young boy. It was very unnecessary, and would change his life completely. Overtime he realizes something is wrong and doesn’t find out until he is much older what had been done to him.

I would recommend this book to everyone, and anyone looking for an eye opening book. It tells of a life through the eyes of a boy who had a different kind of life. His life in not like any others and its opens your eyes to see how unfortunate and cruel it was. It was a very good book and it tells a heart stopping story that will keep you reading. This will certify that the enclosed work is completely original.
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