The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert

December 12, 2011
By Megan Deasey BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
Megan Deasey BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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The novel The Last American Man written by Elizabeth Gilbert is a novel that is based on strength and courage. The story describes the life of an American man named Eustace Conway. Conway, a man who was brought up in a house that considered being free and outdoors was the only way of life.

As a young boy, Eustace Conway was raised in a house in North Carolina. However his parents let him live the life that he wanted to. That meant being outdoors whenever he wanted to be which led to complaints about Eustace Conway’s parents parenting skills. Much of the neighborhood believed that there was none, however, there was.

At the age of 17, in 1978 Conway moved out of his family’s house into a teepee in the Appalachian Mountains. Conway is not considered a hippie; he was not storing guns, and simply lived in the woods because that is where he belonged. Conway loves the woods, he is a naturalist who thinks that one day the world is going to run out of every luxury resource that we have, and perhaps many people believe that he is right.

Today, Eustace still lives in the woods off of Turtle Island, North Carolina. Eustace is a showman, an educator, an articulate communicator with nature and even offers tours on how he lives his life.

I recommend this book for mostly young people because it will most likely change the way people will look at life. The Last American Man can also allow young
people to appreciate everything they, unlike Eustace Conway who has nothing as he lives in the woods. This novel won’t make you pack up your belongings to go to live in the woods but it will change your everyday life.

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