The Night Circus by Salcra Crabs

December 9, 2011
By Salcra_Crabs BRONZE, Shoreview, Minnesota
Salcra_Crabs BRONZE, Shoreview, Minnesota
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A Confusing Night with the Night Circus

When my mum told me that she ordered a new book on amazon I was thrilled. I ran out of books and I wasn’t reading much I was enthralled that she ordered a new book. She was telling me about it how it was supposed to be the new Harry Potter boy where they dead wrong! This book reminded me of a maze confusing but you cant get out hoping it will get better.
One of the biggest things that bothered me about this book is that it is written horribly! In some of the chapters they change point of views right in the middle of the chapter! Its confusing because they don’t tell you or make it obvious. It also has 13 characters that have their own point of view. Their is no organization of the characters either. So you hear from Bailey and in the next four or five chapters you only talk to Marco and Celia so you forget about Bailey’s roll in the story. It would be better if they had a character index like Breaking Dawn then you can easily remember all the characters rolls in the book.
My fellow colleague and I agreed that this book lacked explanation of how this book came to an end, how they wrap up the characters, and organization of the book it is poorly organized. If you gave me her rough drafts I would totally re-write the book saying who is talking. I have to give her some props though she wrote a 387 page book in 30 days even if it is a first draft. I have to say she just wrote the first draft theen you should change it so all of the point of views are the same. She wrote in 1st, 2nd, 3rd limited and 3rd omnicant all in one book!!!
When you looked at the beginning of the chapter it showed a title and the date. the date was in italics very small so you never saw the date. It didn’t pop out to you. also this book does not go in steady pattern of days so one day it is December 5th 1882 then its May 18th 1884. So one second your talking about how cold the nights are when Baily sneaks out , then your talking about how Celia accidently took Marco’s umbrella. If your writing a book where you jump from months if not years then you need to make a more pro-dominate way of showing the dates because they don’t hold much to the story but it helps decipher the code called the night circus.
In all this book was okay, it took me a month to finish not because I don’t like to read or i was being lazy theis book had no emotional pull with me. I can read Breaking Dawn in a day theis book didn’t make me tear up in the hard tough parts of the characters lives.
My biggest issue with this book is that it is a good idea. Given to a different author with more knowledge in writing it would of been a great novel. At the end of the day it was written by Erin Morgenstern not Susan Collins or Stephine Meyers. If I where a teacher i would tell my students to read it so they would know a bad example of how to write a book.

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You try and compare The Night Circus to Breaking Dawn? Puh-leaze. The Night Circus is obviously much better written than any of the Twilight books. It's not that hard to keep track of the skipping through time, just use your brain.


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