Wake. by Lisa McMann

December 9, 2011
The Wonders of Being Janie
Would you ever want to walk into people’s dreams and watch them? What if you could see the dreams of someone you liked? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well in this book called Wake by McMann, Lisa. Wake is a very interesting book about a girl named Janie who can go into people’s dreams and watch them. She tries to make them stop but then finds out that she’s not alone with her power. Janie finds out the troubles in her friends dreams when she sees what has happened to him when he was a kid. Janie is very unique. She is very responsible, she can hide things very well, and she also is very caring.
When Janie has had to take care of herself since she was little. First, her mom was very rude and didn’t care about anyone other than herself. Janie has had to live like she never had parents because her parents were never there for her she has had to live on her own. Janie has a job, pays the bills and also cleans the house. Without her being responsible she wouldn’t have had a house.
Even though Janie has a special power, she has to keep it to herself so she won’t be called a freak. First of all, Janie has a special power so she can walk into dreams and watch in. She also knows a secret about her buddy Cable. Cable is a secret officer and is trying to find a person and no one but Janie knows.
She also knows about what happened to Cable when he was a boy. Cable was set on fire by his dad and when she was watching in on his dream she saw what happened. She also is the only one who knows also about Cable.
Lastly, Janie is a very sweet caring person. She works at a nursing home taking care of the old sick people who have to rely on the people who work there. Janie also makes sure her friends are fine and drives them home when they need it. Whenever her friend needs someone they go to her. Janie likes to care for people so they don’t have to go thru what she has to go thru.
In the book wake you will notice that Janie is very responsible, she is very good at keeping things to herself, she is also very caring. Janie would be an amazing friend. Even though she has an amazing power and a hard life she is still a good person. If I was Janie I would not be able to go thru the things she does and I would also not be able to act like an adult like she does. She is a very trustworthy and reliable friend.

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WhoWillCareIfEveryoneDied said...
Dec. 14, 2011 at 12:58 pm
I had to write a paper in my english class on one of the charecters in this book and I did it on Janie.
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