To Be A Slave by Julius Lester

December 7, 2011
By deb_thedancer BRONZE, Aurora, IL, Illinois
deb_thedancer BRONZE, Aurora, IL, Illinois
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To Be a Slave- Book Review

To Be a Slave is a heart wrenching collection of letters, written by current and ex-slaves of the civil war time period. Their journey starts in Africa, where a large ship helps trap them into leaving their own land. The enslaved Africans then end up in the many southern states in which they were distributed. From reading this book readers will find out the true feelings and emotions the slaves felt as they were poorly treated, whipped, lashed, and then finally set free. The author of this book clearly conveys, in an understandable way, that this story is meant to tell the hardships of his ancestors. He believes this book is a tool that can be used to help young people think about how they view the world they live in. Though this book is truly heart breaking, at some points, it also shows the hope that the slaves had and how they felt when they finally got free. To Be a Slave will teach readers how it really feels to be owned like property and what it does to your soul.

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