The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

December 4, 2011
By ilovearianna PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
ilovearianna PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
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One day your life is gonna flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching.

The Lost Hero was a great trilogy x2, no sixquel! I don’t even know what to call it; yes it was that good! Rick Riordan really pulled it off in this book. It had twists and great details. The only flaw was a slow beginning. After I turned the first page I couldn’t stop. It was compelling, fascinating and a great way to read and learn about Greek mythology. I’m sure you’ll love it like I did.

It started off with a guy named Jason , he has blonde hair, blue eyes and apparently he is quite a looker! He is sitting on a school bus the other two main characters, Piper and Leo. Piper has brown hair and a pretty face. Leo is Puerto Rican with curly brown hair and a devious smile. The only thing wrong is Jason has no idea who he is!

As I read he had no idea who he was I was like “WHAT?”
How could you have no idea who you are. I later learned this is a technique in writing. A great technique! As I read more, the more I got stuck in it.

They’re on a school bus because they are on their way on a fieldtrip to the Grand Canyon. They get on to the skywalk and the weather becomes mysterious. Coach Hedge the chaperone tells Leo, Piper and Jason that they are half-bloods and that he is a satyr. They all have no idea what he is talking about. The strange weather is actually a venti. ( in other words a Greek mythology evil weather spirit.) Annabeth comes to the rescue and picks the three of them up, and freaks out when she sees Jason because a prophecy said a guy with one shoe is your answer to finding Percy Jackson. Then she takes them to camp half -blood.

Camp- half blood was an amazing experience for them. As Rick Riordan described it I felt like I was actually there. I could picture all the cabins. I could feel the madness going around the camp. I wanted to jump into the book and be part of it all. I know your probably thinking” what is a half-blood?” A half-blood is a child who is half god and half human. Well since they are half god they have super powers as you will.

Leo finds out that he is the son of Hephaestus. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, and Jason is the son of Zeus! After they find all this out they go on a quest and battle giants, Cyclops’s more venti’s, evil wolves , evil goddesses; they rescue Pipers dad from a Cyclops and coach Hedge from venti’s and they friend metal dragons, and unbelievably coach Hedge! Leo can make fire with his finger tips, Piper can charm-speak people. Make them give her anything she wants and Jason can fly! Also Jason finds out that Thalia is his sister and their mom abandon him.

But even after all of that they have the biggest task of all to complete. They have to rescue the goddesses Hera, who apparently made a important trade. The only problem in they have to fight off an army of Cyclops’s , venti’s and many more terrifying Greek monsters. They fight along side the Artemis Hunters, which includes Thalia. After all the fighting and slaying of monsters they rescue Hera but when Hera turns into her true form Jason collapses and is on the verge of dying. Piper charm-speaks him back to life and Jason realizes he likes Piper. But after all of this they figure out all the twists.

When the Romans conquered Greece they changed all the gods names giving them two forms, the Roman and Greek form. So what they found out is that there are two half blood camps, the Roman and Greek one. So the big trade was Hera switched Jason and Percy. So Jason was put into the Greek camp, so Percy was put into the Roman one; so what happened to Percy?!?!

I recommended this book because it is a amazing action thriller with romance, bromance and where else can you find a book that has metal dragons, flying boys, all intertwined in Roman and Greek mythology!?

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