Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

November 29, 2011
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“You’re not dead, but you’re not alive you’re a wintergirl...” Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson, is a powerful look at hope. In this book you will feel the suspense of the death. Lia is a girl who just lost her best friend, Cassie. Lia and Cassie were in this one skinny competition the Wintergirls. In that competition they would not eat. Casssie took the competition to far and she need a rush so she had some vodka. Cassie had so much vodka that she was throwing up. She lost a lot of liquid and died in the motel bathroom. Lia was depressed that Cassie died she did not want to do anything. Lia is going to Dr. Parker’s because she was not eating. Lia and Elijah were trying to figure out how Cassie died. Lia’s eating problem was still happening, Cassie liked to get inside Lia’s mind and she was paying her little visits. Cassie was trying to pull Lia over into the middle of life and death. Wintergirls will leave you dying for more.

I enjoyed Wintergirls. I can remember while I was reading the book I was playing a little film inside my head I like how your book did play a film in my head. I felt relaxed and moving while reading. Lia the protagonist was an interesting character. I could relate a little bit with her. I don’t eat that much, I will eat here and there. The setting was interesting to read also. I liked how it moved with the story. After reading Wintergirls, it gave me an idea to right my own story. It’s kind off like Wintergirls in a way because there is this girl and she is like me she does not eat unless told to. I would recommend Wintergirls to anyone who is a realistic fiction reader, who also likes to read about what happen in someone’s life.

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