Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

November 29, 2011
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lyric_gonzales GOLD, Batangas, Other
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I was not interested in Greek or anything with fantasy in it but Percy Jackson changed it all.

Percy Jackson is a kid that suffers from dyslexia and has a best friend named Grover that walks awkwardly. He thought all these were normal until monsters started attacking him and Gods of Mount Olympus enter his life.

Percy discovers that he is a half-blood (a child of a God and a human), there's a camp named Camp Half Blood, his best friend is a satyr and the Gods think he stole Zeus's master bolt. He is given only ten days to find and return it and bring peace to Mount Olympus.

The author has such amazing writing skills. He knows how to humor the readers and make them learn easily. Trust me, I passed Greek mythology just from reading this book.

The book is written from Percy's point of view. Everything happening to Percy is very well written in the book and makes you feel that you're living as him.

The book is fun to imagine. Especially when there are fighting scenes, it makes you want to imagine how Percy did it. The story will push all your other thoughts away and really keep your focus on Percy.

It is really an amazing book. Rick Riordan has a unique imagination to think of making a book like this.

Percy Jackson will touch the young reader's - and those people who're feeling like young readers - hearts and imagination and will bring you into an epic journey of a lifetime with the Gods of Mount Olympus and the monsters lurking around the world.

The author's comments:
My love for reading Percy Jackson inspired me to write this review. It awakened my love for Greek mythology I never knew I had.

I hope people will enjoy this book and awaken their young minds and imagine a world of Percy Jackson.

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