Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

November 28, 2011
By JacesFutureWife SILVER, Winder, Georgia
JacesFutureWife SILVER, Winder, Georgia
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Whoa. That is all I have to say about this book. I am completely, utterly blown away. Every single page pulled me in a little bit farther so when the book ended I almost cried.

No. Lie.

That was until I heard there was a third book, Chain Reaction, coming out. It is already out on shelf's as a matter of a fact at Barnes & Noble. I am going to get it this Friday!! :) Anyhow, back on topic. We didn't really learn much about Carlos in the first book other than he liked to "borrow" Alex's stuff. Which don't we all? Don't answer that. In this book we definitely get a better view of who Carlos is. Carlos is a very negative person. Not negative in the sense that he never sees the positive, but in the sense that he is realistic. Not a dreamer in the least. The thing is he is a troublemaker and him getting in trouble all the time is really what sets the whole plot in motion. He little trouble making also lead him to met the other main character, Kiara Westford.

They of course clash at first, but really, what love story doesn't start off rough? Not any that I know. They story goes on... They hate each other, they fight, blah blah blah and then FINALLY the good part comes. Oooohhhhh.. I bet you want to know what is it don't you? Well too bad because that would ruin the book for you and I would never do that to you guys! ;) This is one of those book that keep you hanging on. You HAVE to know what happens or you feel like you will just die and that would be tragic! Because we don't want anyone to die on my, or the authors, watch. All that being said... This book is highly recommend for anyone who loved Perfect Chemistry or anything like it.

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