Change-Up by John Feinstein

November 8, 2011
By Wiggy BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Wiggy BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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John Feinstein’s Change-up is a mystery at the World Series. Stevie, a fourteen-year-old newspaper reporter, is sent on a wild goose chase while covering the World Series. Change-up is a great book for anyone who likes sports reads with mystery thrown in and a hint of romance.

Stevie, a reporter for the Washington Herald, and his best friend/girlfriend, Susan Carol, also a reporter for the Washington Post, meet a pitcher named Norbert Doyle. Doyle, who had played minor league ball up until the postseason, is offered a spot on the Washington Nationals. Stevie and Susan Carol meet Doyle for breakfast with his kids, huge fans of the reporters that are the same age. While at breakfast Doyle finds out that he will be the starting pitcher for the World Series game that night. All of the kids are ecstatic. However, Stevie and Susan Carol don’t know that Norbert is living a life of guilt.

Stevie is sent on a trip to research this what-could-be huge story. Stevie meets with three people involved in the mystery. But, he later finds out that some of them are being truthful, others not so much.

Change-up is a quick read that has real names of players and reporters. Change-up is a great book, as long as you like suspense that is.

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