Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden

November 8, 2011
Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden

The book Black hawk down is a nonfiction book told from the memories and thoughts of the troops and officers involved in the battle in Mogadishu. The book is told in a sequential order of the troop’s memories and thoughts. The book has five sections which are essentially the plan, O it failed lets go to plan b, plan b failed now what, help arrives, clean up. There are specific soldiers that the story follows as the event was extremely confidential he had to compile all he wrote from the people involved that he interview this involved Americans and Somalians alike. he found all the soldiers he talked to by attending a funeral. This is an extremely tragic and gory event and was portrayed as such by the book this is not for the faint of heart. In this book there were thousands of Somali's and only around 200 Americans there is a volume of fire that prevents them from yelling across the street. this is the only nonfiction book i could even think about recommending. Thirteen Americans die and almost all injured were as at least 500 Somalians died and thousands injured. Although those numbers make it sound like an American victory the thirteen death were so unacceptable we backed out of the country. this battle was buried and this book as essentially the only public review of the events. Mark Bowden thought that the back round information would be the easiest part but it turned out to be the hardest.
i found that this book was amazing because it read like a fiction novel it was exciting and suspenseful. this book is a great book on a battle thashouldn't’t have occurred and how the us couldn't respond quickly. the book gives an accurate description of war and should be read.

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