Marley and Me by John Grogan

November 8, 2011
By Pianokeys BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Pianokeys BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Life with Marley

In Marley and Me John Grogan tell his family’s story with this joyous, golden fur ball of energy, Marley. John wrote Marley and Me from his view in the order of important memorable, events in his life with his growing family and loyal dog. With the ownership of Marley the Grogans received love,laughter,tears,memories and an incredibly high bill in damage expenses. The 100 pond beast of a lab taught the family to enjoy the little things in life, to value the time spent with each other, the gateway to true happiness.Marley has been with John and Jenny Grogan since he was a young puppy and the beginning of their young couple life. The reason why they purchased the insane,floppy eared dog was to simply help them prepare for the responsibilities Even as a frisky clearance puppy Marley devoured the puppy chow, cleared tables and shelves with the swish of his wagging tail and had something in his mouth from used Kleenex to a gold chain Marley stuck it all in his mouth. The loopy Labrador destroyed drywall, tore pillows and couch cushions to mangled shreds and his mouth was a water fall full of drool just waiting for the perfect moment to fling out and cling onto anything anywhere.

Marley was there for it all through the arrival of each little addition to the growing Grogan family, every move to a new house was an opportunity to terrorize the residents in the unfamiliar neighborhood. Through the thick and the thin and everything in between(even though he was a large complex cause)Marley was always there, he was the friend to wipe up your tears, the one to lift your spirits higher when your spirits have hit rock bottom of the ocean, the one you could count on to make you laugh. However much the huge goofy dog did cause like the meltdowns, the closing of one of the dog beaches in Florida and putting a feature film into huge delays when he had received a role in it his heart.This heartwarming is the perfect mix of humor, love and stress.It’s a perfect feel-good family book I recommend it for everyone.

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