Through My Eyes by Nathan Whitaker

November 8, 2011
By Anonymous

The book ‘Through My Eyes’ is an autobiography of a Denver Bronco’s quarterback, Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow had a very difficult birth, which the doctors had told the family that Tim’s mother, Pam, will most likely die if Tim was to be born. After Tim came out of his mother, a large blood clot followed. The blood clot was nearly the same size or even bigger than Tim was. They both survived. At first, Tebow grew up in the Philippines and Jacksonville, Florida. Tebow was home schooled throughout high school until college. Tim grew up playing baseball, football, and basketball, although the book does not say much about basketball. Tim Tebow played football for Nease High School growing up while he was homeschooled. Tebow also went on mission trips throughout his childhood to speak out about God. He started going on mission trips with his brothers and father at the age of fifteen. Throughout all 23 chapters, Tebow speaks about his Christian faith, starting a bible verse on the beginning of every chapter. During his high school career, Tebow had been scouted by many college schools. Tebow made many official and unofficial visits to the schools he had in mind. The two final schools Tebow was choosing from, was the University of Florida, and the University of Oklahoma. Tim Tebow’s parents and brother attended and graduated from the University of Florida as well. Tebow chose Florida over Oklahoma, which was a very difficult choice for Tim. Tebow had a tremendous career at Florida, which he had won 2 BCS title games there. Tim Tebow was a first-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He was chosen by the Broncos. Tebow started the last three games in the 2010 season for the Broncos as a rookie. Tebow’s three great loves were God, his family, and football.

This book is saying that with a lot of passion and perseverance, you can get where ever you want to. Tim Tebow states his love of football, and his beliefs of God. During the book, it shows his devotion to being better and doing more than everyone else. He played football hard and wanted to win every game. During tough times, he leaned on God to guide him through. Tim Tebow has inspired me a lot more now than before reading this book. This book is very good and very motivational.

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