The Last Season by Eric Blehm

November 8, 2011
By KateReader BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
KateReader BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Randy Morgenson is Missing?
The last Season by Eric Blehm tells the story of how Randy Morgenson a park ranger in Kings County National Park goes missing in his 28th season as a ranger. Randy is very smart: however he chooses to be a park ranger over going to college. He is a very experienced ranger so him going missing deeply confuses all that know and love him. Randy has a deep appreciation for the wilderness that showcases as a prominent feature in this book.

Eric Blehm organizes the story in very lengthy chapters that seem to drag on giving the reader no break in the text. The author’s writing is unorganized and can be difficult at times to understand what exactly is happening. The whole book is like listening to Erik Blehm experience a flashback each thought turns into another, rarely going back to the main idea.

The story of Randy’s SAR (search and rescue) always leaves the reader wondering what happened to Randy Morgenson. The author gives you hints that you have to perceive such as Randy was depressed because his wife Judi was divorcing him. Did he commit suicide? Did he get injured on patrol? IS he hiding out away from anyone that could find him? You can believe what you desire due to the authors mostly un-biased writing style.
Outdoor lovers will enjoy this book. I ski and visit the mountains on a weekly basis during the winter so I felt a connection to Randy. My gratitude for nature is not as great as Randy’s but this book has helped me appreciate the little things in nature. If you are the person who stands in line for a new i-phone and lives for five star hotels you may not be able to make a huge link to Randy’s thrill for living in the wild. However if you keep an open mind you might see a different perspective that you had never considered before.
The Last Season is a suspenseful mystery that explores the clues of Randy Morgenson’s SAR (search and rescue). It will let the reader interpret the evidence as they wish not giving the reader a strict idea that Eric wants you to believe. The Last Season will leave you wondering every time you put it down.

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