Bruchko by Bruce Olson

November 8, 2011
Bruce Olson, at age nine-teen, left home and headed into the jungles to evangelize to a murderous tribe of South America Indians. Despite what everyone else thought Bruce should do with his life, he chose to follow the path God had laid for him. Kidnapping, disease, terror, loneliness, and torture; this is what Bruce Olson went through because he knew it was his destiny to share the love of Christ with the Motilones, a tribe who was known for their barbaric ways and never having contact with outsiders without killing them. Because of Bruce’s simple faith in Christ, God was able to use him in a powerful way. Hi did what most thought to be impossible.
Bruchko is ultimately a story of cause and effect. The Motilone tribe lived in a very unsanitary environment, therefore, many of them got diseases and died. But because so many missionaries tried to Americanize different tribes, the Motilones were against hearing the gospel, and improving their system of survival because they did not want to change the deep roots of their people. Bruce had to find a way to give the Motilones a Motilone Jesus. In other words he had to find a way to give the gospel message in a way that would still relate to this South American’s tribal ethnicity. Once it was revealed to Bruce how to do this, there was a major transformation in the Motilones. A group of people that were once cold-hearted and cruel became a compassionate group that longed to aid the other clans that inhabited the South American Jungles. In the end, because Bruce obeyed Gods will for his life, many of the stone-age tribes of South America experienced a change that would alter their life forever.
Having faith and trust in God’s sole plan is what Bruce Olson demonstrates in this book. He is an example of someone who followed through even when situations got tough and he felt like his job was a lost cause. When everything was dark and he could not see the light at the end of the tunnel he still chose to seek after God. IN the end he was rewarded greatly. The story of Bruchko is reminder to its readers that even in the hard times, God has a unique and perfect plan for your life.

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