Gorillas in the Mist by Diane Fossy

November 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Gorillas in the mist written by Diane Fossy was a true eye opener, Fossy did a great job at explaining all her research and clearly explain what was happening to the gorillas. She explains perfectly to a sense that she is giving facts but makes it interesting. I really got a true sense of how much Fossy really loves these animals.
Fossy first became intrigued by gorillas in 1973 when she took her first safari to Africa. Her only goal for that trip was to visit the gorillas and meet Mary and Louis Leakey. After she returned to the USA all she wanted was to go back to Africa and study the gorillas in a way the Jane Goodall did with the chimpanzees. After giving away everything she owned, she started her 13 year study of gorillas in the Virungas Mountains.
I never knew how gorillas lived their daily life and how the survive. It’s not easy to survive but somehow they do. On a daily basis gorillas have to deal with hazords such a poachers. If caught in the traps the animals are almost guaranteed a horrible death. The poachers almost took over the forest and all the animals. Thanks to all of Fossy efforts the gorillas didn’t go extinct. The gorillas also had to deal with the natural hazords such as the search for food, water and a safe place to sleep.
Fossy not only loved the gorillas but would help any animal she came in contact with. At one of the later times in her research she came in contact with a little injured monkey. This monkey became a close companion of Fossys until its death. I have a true respect Fossy because of her commitment to helping all the animals in the Virungas Mountains.
There were many times in this book that I would stop and think of how Fossy was able to interact with the gorillas and make them feel comfortable in her presence. I love the fact that she never wanted harm to an animal. I am a true believer in not harming any animals and I could relate to Fossy. She loved these animals so much that all gorillas she came in contact with an own personal name.

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