Catch Me If You Can

July 8, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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Dare to do the unexpected and forget what others think. Life is about defience and making your own destiny. Because afterall, what do you have if you don't have adrenaline? How dull your life would be without the constant rush of epinephrine suspending your blood in mid air and furry engulfing your every thought. "Catch Me If You Can" seduces the reader with an unexpectedly dark potrayel of life. Frank constantly writes about himself but leaves the reader in dominint ignorance when it comes to what other people are doing or thinking. His on-edge personality slithers by you, like a venomous serpent who controls even the snake charmer.

The book entails the story of Frank abangale and his short criminal career forging money and evading the FBI. Writen in first person format, you can easily hear Frank telling the story as his dark voice seeps through the pages. As a reader I quickly grew intersted in this pequliar character. His unavoidable need for pushing his limits is undeniable. The sky outside may blacken and lightning bolts may pierce the sky, but in his happy little world of solitude, all is well. I imagine him and I think of pale gray eyes with rays of sea blue stretching from his dark pupils. His life is cancerous, each cell of normality broken. Yet its fascinating.
He talks about himself like hes a master at what he does, and in many ways he is. Like a swimmer whose eternal strenght to pierce through the water will never run out. Like a master violinist whose intriquete composing will always surpass that of Mozart. Hes different, more different than an abstract painting. Yet he makes perfect sense. Mr. Abagnale is a prodiguous liar, an imposter, a forger, and an escape artist, but most of all he is talented. A true master of deception with the ability to captivate the reader in awe at his sumptupuis life. His charming rogue and poetic words allow him to get away with almost anything.
This book poses a very complex and mind raveling plot thats captivating and engaging. Not only does the writer do an excellent job at portraying the story's characters but he also combines a modern version Davinci Code with all the elemnets of a classic.

I won't say if Frank ever does or doesn't get caught; but I will tell you this; its worth finding out.

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