The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

November 8, 2011
By vq2alz96 BRONZE, Gavisjks, Florida
vq2alz96 BRONZE, Gavisjks, Florida
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The Diary of Anne Frank is a very well-known book, and it's easy to see why - it's the story of a girl hiding from the holocaust. It's also a very unique book. Rather than things always being written in chronological order, some events in Anne's life before she started writing in her diary are simply written down whenever she remembers them or thinks to write them down. there are also notes about entries that Anne adds much later than the day they were first written.

However, the book wasn't exactly what I was expecting. For one thing, Anne is, in fact, between thirteen and fifteen years old when writing in her diary, though when people talk about the book, it seems as if she might be sixteen or seventeen. Also, the book can get to be rater personal at times, which, in some cases, can be rather uncomfortable. This makes sens, though - it's not as if a thirteen year old girl is planning on letting people read her diary.

Anne's personality does change quite a bit throughout the book. At first, she's an average schoolgirl, but as her time in hiding progresses, she can get to be more dramatic. Though, all things considered, she's not being too emotional, this can still get to be quite annoying.

Though Anne may be going through tough times, she can get a bit over-dramatic about some of the other situations in her life, especially considering that she realizes the situation that she and her fellow Jews are in. however, she makes up for these few moments by being optimistic - despite the difficulty of her life, she still looks forward to being free of hiding, and also to the end of the war.

It's easy to see why this book has become so well-known, however, this certainly isn't a book everyone should read. Though there are certainly many people who would enjoy this book, there are also some who won't fine this interesting at all. The book is rather uneventful aside from a few rare cases, and for the most part, any actual event is a bit of a false alarm.

This is definitely an excellent book about the day-to-day life of a teenage Jewish girl in hiding during World War II. However, if you read this book, just know that ti's not quite what one would expect.l

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