Eiger Dreams by Jon Krakauer

November 8, 2011
By Jake Foley BRONZE, Somewhere, Other
Jake Foley BRONZE, Somewhere, Other
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Eiger Dreams by Jon Krakauer is an inspirational story about about Jon and friends Mountain climbing ambitions. Throughout the book Jon talks about many adventures climbing mountains such as Mount McKinley, Everest, and the Eiger. He has made an impact on mountain climbers to this date.

Eiger dreams is told in a chronological order. The author tends to jump between stories very quickly. It was hard to follow at first until I got a little more into it. After a while, it felt like I was reading a fiction book on mountain climbing. Jon’s ambitions and story telling inspires me to find a fire in something I love to do.

Jon Krakauer is a strong inspirational man. He has spent many days of his life training and climbing. Krakauer revolutionized mountain climbing to this date. He is also a great author. His strong word choice and sentence structure keep me hooked in. Despite these good traits, Jon expresses some fallacies throughout his book. He tends to over exaggerate at certain points of the story.

In my opinion this was a good book. I enjoyed the way Jon told his stories and explained them. At first, being told to read a non-fiction book sounded quite boring. After starting the book I became very into this novel. The story opens with Jon talking about one of his many mountain climbing adventures. They spent at least two weeks waiting for sufficient weather. After a sunny day arrives, they begin their ascent up the mountain. The climb seems easy at first but as the slope gets steeper is becomes more and more difficult. After scaling the first two walls the decide to make their way back down. Jon’s partner is angry at first but is relived to the fact of their descent when they here the other climbing group has died on the way to the top.
If you were to read this book, I would definitely recommend it to you. It starts off quickly and jumps right into the action, right after a quick introduction. Jon uses very strong word choice while still being able to understand the context. The sentences are well-structured and flow well. The story was action packed all the way through and never left my boredom hanging. Go to your library and pick it up, it’s a worthwhile read!

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