The Final Warning by James Patterson

November 7, 2011
By Eric B BRONZE, Carrboro, North Carolina
Eric B BRONZE, Carrboro, North Carolina
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Eric B
Period 1
The Final Warning
By James Patterson, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2008,
304 pp., $8.99, ISBN: 0316002879
The Final Warning
By: James Patterson
James Patterson did an outstanding job when writing The Final Warning. He incorporated many descriptive words and also described really nicely Max and how her wings are. Also by having many action packed scenes and also some romantic scenes that have you wondering what’s going to happen next and makes want to keep reading. Throughout the story the bird kids find out they have strange but cool powers. For example nudge one of the mutants find out that she can attract metal and other materials. There is also some pretty action scene like when the “flock” order pizza and when they open the pizza box they have no idea what they find themselves with. They encounter themselves with a grenade and it’s about to explode. This book isn’t just a romantic book or action book it also has some funny parts throughout the book. One unique thing they posses is that they have a dog but this dog isn’t like any dog this dog is able to speak English.
The book also really well describes many things like when there flying and there wings like the texture, color, and length. One good thing I like about this book is that when you think you want to give up on the book then suddenly you’re reading a fight or a really suspenseful part happens and that really gets your attention and makes you want to read more. Another thing that I like about this book is that the fights are really well described and the fights grab your attention and also it makes you wonder what’s going to happen next is she/he going to live. If you like to read science fiction or books that are about love, action, and humor then this book is just right for you.

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