Something Borrowed by Emily Griffith

November 4, 2011
By cilebaker BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
cilebaker BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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Something Borrowed

We all want to read that book, with the messed up, yet still reasonable subject matter where we can ask ourselves the question What would I do if I was in that situation? Well the book Something Borrowed by Emily Griffith is exactly that. This book is a fabulous romantic novel, with a hint of comedy, which glimpses into the life of Rachel as she has an affair and falls in love with her best friend’s fiancé Dex. This book takes the reader on a journey through a complicated love affair between Dex and Rachel as Rachel must decide between love and friendship, and as she must decide if she wants to live her life the way she wants or if she wants to keep conforming herself for others.

In this book on the night of Rachel’s 30th birthday party in a trendy club in New York City, her long-time best friend Darcy throws her a birthday party. Darcy has what every girl would want: A smoking hot, yet sweet and smart fiancé (who was introduced to her by Rachel), a great job, and killer looks. Rachel however is just ordinary, and also she is single. With brown, dull hair and no supermodel look to her, she is used to coming in second after Darcy. On the night of the party Darcy must leave early due to one too many drinks, and after a crazy night Rachel and Darcy’s fiancé Dex wake up to the face the fact that they have had an affair. However the affair doesn’t end there, as Dex and Rachel discover true feelings for each other and fall in love. After a few months Dex and Rachel must face the decision of either ending their affair and letting Dex and Darcy marry, or if they should let the secret out and live together in happiness forever.

I loved this book, as it was a scenario that I have never heard of or even pondered, and it really made me think and put myself in Rachel’s shoes to picture my choices involved with falling in love with my best friends fiancé. I enjoyed seeing life through someone’s eyes who is always second best to someone else. I thought her general take on things was very realistic which is what made me feel like I was apart of a real life problem. The excitement of this book with the major, life-changing decisions made up for the parts in the book that dragged and got a little boring and repetitive. This book compares to nothing I have ever read before. However, the movie version of it included more comical lines and scenes, but did a spot on job with the actor’s attitudes and appearances as it accurately portrayed the characters from the book.

This book was an awesome read because of its simple, yet life-changing conflict of choosing the love of your life, or your long time best friend. I enjoyed it because this book challenged me to think in a way of the one who is “in the wrong” not just in the view of the said victim. It is a perfect book for any girl or women in need of a great romantic novel. Also it is perfect for women who like books that make you think of other perspectives, and lovers of problematic love. Overall I really enjoyed this book because of it fabulous and exciting plot and I would highly recommend it to most women.

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