the Lighting Theif by Rick Riordan

November 4, 2011
By Liam D BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Liam D BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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My book review
?The lighting thief ?
By Rick Riordan
Price: 7.99 Us / 10.99 Cad
Barnes and Noble rating: 4.5 stars

Percy is a Halfling who is a son of Poseidon. He is accused of being a thief he has to go on a Ridicules adventure to discover who it is and to finally meet his father Percy has a strange way of doing things because he has Add which strengthens his senses. He learns that he has these special powers that help him do extradainare things like one time he was cut and stuck him self in the water and healed completely. Secondly Percy finds out many secrets about his Mother, Father, Best friend and Girlfriend (not really his girlfriend but he would like that).

One thing you might like about is that you learn about gods and other fictional characters. The thing that happens with this book is that it drags on but then you love the battles. I would have to say the book was bad it seemed like is was dragging on forever but if you like random battles with random gods then this is the book for you . I get that rick Riordan is a great author but I personal didn’t like this book. The series doesn’t get any better to it get worst. One of the only things that I liked about the book was that the chapters are short and they almost always have a battle at the end. There are a lot of cliffhangers in the book.

Finally I want to end on a note that this book does have action and romance but I’ll let you find out. The Best parts and have your own chuckles. It’s not a bad read but the writing style can drive you crazy and want to quit the book (you won’t). It’s very fast and interesting at parts with anything ranging from small funny battles to long hard battles.

My review on a scale of one to ten would have to be a high 6 for action other reasons to. Writing style I would have to say is a low seven 7 because it was annoying with all the cliffhangers it being repetitive too. Cover Art would be 8 because it’s a detailed picture.

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