Wishful Thinking by Alexandra Bullen

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Wishful Thinking

This book is a heart breaker. Hazel has lived in foster homes for whole life. She has wondered where she is from for eternity. For Hazel's 18 birthday she receives her birth certificate. Her birth mom's name is on it. this opens up opportunity to Hazel. But something unexpected happens to her mom before Hazel can ever meet her. Hazel goes on a journey finding out who she is where she's from and how to make the future better. Hazel comes Face to face with true love, amazing friendships and true love. This book is for sure a page turner.

This book was amazing. There was much detail and thought put into the book. I couldn't put down. This was by far the best book I ever read. you. I would recommend this book more to girls but guys you can always read it to !
This book was clever, refreshing and intriguing. This is the second book to the series. The first book was Wish,also very good. This book will not be a disappointment. Sad but yet filled with love and faith. A must read for all !

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