Midnight's Grip by Zane Draper

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

*In this selection, the author creates a fictitious writing about an encounter he had with Death. A boy named Tyler wakes up to a mysterious creature in his household that is trying to get into his parents’ bedroom and battles with it until he kills it finally falls back to sleep. The next morning, his father said his mother battled a heart attack that night and the doctors had no idea how she didn’t end up dead. The creature he battled was Death itself.

My first reading was a fiction writing called “Midnight’s Grip,” by Zane Draper. I found this particular selection very intriguing and entertaining. The author lures you into the rooms and gives you a sense of the intense battle with the monstrous creature with his elaborate use of detail. The way he describes how he gives his all in order to defeat the beast puts the desire in your heart to go fight with him, though it is only a story. It’s such a beautifully written piece of literature that you forget that it’s fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed it and immediately got lost in the words on the page. The author knew how to get my attention and used vivid imagery that led me through the stories pages like a movie. I will definitely look for further works from this author.

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