The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

November 3, 2011
By LMT55 BRONZE, Chapel Hill,, North Carolina
LMT55 BRONZE, Chapel Hill,, North Carolina
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Have you ever been confused with exactly what’s going on? That’s how Percy feels. He’s been on the run for the past few weeks, and he has no idea what’s happening, except that he’s being chased by monsters. He can’t remember anything about his past, except his name! He discovers that he is a son of Neptune, who is a powerful Roman god. He meets people who welcome him into a place called Camp Jupiter, where demigods (children of gods and goddesses) live. Percy arrives just before a god comes to tell the camp that in a few days, an army of monsters will come and destroy everyone in the camp, and that three demigods must go on a quest to kill a giant in Alaska that leads the army. Everyone thinks that the quest is suicidal, but Percy and two others named Hazel and Frank volunteer for the task. As they travel to Alaska, they all learn about each others’ pasts, and they share some big secrets that have kept for a while.
The Son of Neptune is by Rick Riordan. It’s the 2nd book in the Heroes of Olympus series. Overall, I liked the way Rick Riordan wrote The Son of Neptune. It was intense at points, but he always used his sense of humor to lighten the mood. The book also had good examples of character development. The book covered what they looked like, their mood, their thoughts, and what others thought of them. Each character was unique and had a special personality. The author was very clever and skillful of where he put his flashbacks and they helped explain the story to me very well. It helped me catch on to the actions in the book very quickly. This novel wasn’t only jokes. There were dramatic parts in the book that made you wonder what would happen next. There was only one negative thing for me in this book, and that was that they changed perspectives too often. They switched between characters back and forth, and I started to get mixed up with who was telling the story! Other than that, this novel is pretty much perfect.

So overall, I think that this book is fantastic. People who love magic with a twist would enjoy reading this book. I think that it’s a good book for 5th grade and up. It’s suitable for boys and girls, and I’m positive that almost everyone would love this book!

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