Alex Rider: Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz

November 3, 2011
By Alex H BRONZE, Chapel HIll, North Carolina
Alex H BRONZE, Chapel HIll, North Carolina
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Alex Rider, 15 year old spy for MI6 is back. In the concluding book in the realistic fiction series by Anthony Horowitz, Alex must face his most intense mission yet. Alex is a teenage spy for MI6. He has saved the world many times on his previous missions, but none have been as intense as this one. The enemy, Scorpia, the organization engaging in many criminal activities that Alex has defeated twice before. What they want? Revenge.
In the book Scorpia comes up with a plan that will both help them get paid millions of dollars, and also get revenge on Alex. Alex is sent to Cairo to investigate a problem that has occurred; little does he know it is a trap that he is falling for. The rest of the book moves along at a very fast pace. There it is a lot of action and suspense which makes it a very enjoyable novel.
This book is told from Scorpia’s point of view at first then Alex’s at the end. This makes it very suspenseful because you know Scorpia’s entire plan before it is put into effect. You also know that Alex is walking into a huge trap that could end up being his death. There is also lots of action. At the end of the book, there is a big battle between Alex and Julius Grief, one of Alex’s most hated enemies. Another thing I liked about this book is that there are some cool spy gadgets that Alex gets and it is always interesting to see how he uses them. This book can also be very emotional as well. It is probably not good for younger readers. There is a lot of death and gore so if you do not like that you should skip this series.
So the bestseller series comes to a close in a good finish. So start the series and read fast so you can get to the last action packed book.

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