My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picolt

November 3, 2011
By swimmergirl328 GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Anna is no regular girl. She wasn’t born because her parents wanted another child, or because of an accident. She was born because her sister was dying. In Jodi Picolt’s book, My Sister’s Keeper, Kate, Anna’s sister, was diagnosed with leukemia when she was very young. She was going to die unless they found a match for her to donate blood. So Kate’s parents engineered Anna. Anna was a designer baby, born only to help her sister. But Anna has never wanted to be her sister’s savior. She just wanted to be herself instead of being defined by her sister’s illness. So she goes to find a lawyer to get the rights to her body, that way she no longer has to give up parts of herself. Kate is also in desperate need of a kidney, so Kate’s life literally rests in the hands of the judges. As Anna goes through the process of suing her parents, she and her family relive memories of times that have past, both good and bad. As the case continues, Anna’s life and the life of those around her become a whirlwind of ups, downs, memories, emotions, and secrets.

I found this book an extremely enjoyable read. The book is told in the points of view of Anna, her family, and everyone directly involved with the case. This element can cause some confusion as there are also flashbacks included, but if followed can really enhance the reality of the story. This element also gave me an insight on how all the characters reacted differently to the same situation. I also enjoyed seeing the emotions of all involved and what was going on in their life besides this case. I really got to know the characters, and I felt that I was traveling along on the emotional rollercoaster with them.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves books with drama, secrets, and surprise endings. It’s the kind of book that you can roll up in a chair and read until the wee hours in the morning. All of your questions will be answered and you’ll find out the outcome of the case, what happens to Kate, and what secrets are hiding just out of reach that can change everything.

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