Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Drapeer

November 3, 2011
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Ever thought your world was going to end before you wanted it to, because you had a big future ahead of you? That’s how Andy feels. He is a very confused and depressed teenager. This book reminds me of a lot of peers at my school now. The main character has to overcome multiple obstacles and heartache challenges. In Sharon Draper’s book Tears of a Tiger, Andy Jackson and his friends were hanging out after one of their big basketball games. They had all been drinking and the next thing you know the car was on fire and Rob Washington (Andy’s best friend) was inside the car burning to death. After this terrifying event all the students of Hazelwood High were left in destruction.
After reading this book I realized that there are many fine things about it. First, it shows great examples of what teenagers might have to overcome during their high school years. Also I think the way the author set up the series was outstanding. For example, after both deaths of the main characters, their peers and friends wrote prayers and letters to release the pain inside them; that was shown in the novel to convince the readers how they were feeling. However, I wish I knew more about the author to know why the series was so cheerless. One of the lessons I learned was to cherish your love ones for tomorrow is never promised.
Tears of a Tiger made me look harder at who I am, and what goals in life are. It kept me on the edge of my seat. If you’re into realistic fiction, especially suspenseful action, you can move right into the sequel, Darkness before Dawn.

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