My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger

November 3, 2011
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In the book My Most Excellent Year, the author, Steve Kluger, begins the story with two best friends and unofficial brothers since they were six. Now, in the ninth grade, they both decide that this year will be the best year of their lives. T.C and Augie, the two best friends, both are having relationship problems. While at the same time, Alejandra is having an issue of her own. Her parents. Will she ever get the courage to tell her parents about her passion for singing and dancing? T.C and Augie are very different, but very much the alike. Both boys are both having a “love” issue. They both would do anything for that person that has their heart. With a play coming up and a song to sing, for T.C, Augie, and Alejandra, ninth grade will be their most excellent year.

T.C, and Augie both want a relationship. While T.C is playing hard to get, Augie has his mind set on a boy. Being confused about all of this, to his parents, it was toatlly obvious that he was gay. T.C's trying to bribe Alejandra to go out with him. While the other is trying to write a successful play to get his one and only true love to notice him.

Some people worry about what to wear to school, others about what sport to play or even what shoes go with what outfit. But, when the two unofficial brothers worry about the challenges in the ninth grade, they end up with just another thing to worry about. When parents just assume when one is gay, they probably assume right. While the other parent is in grief with their son. So, they decide to bring a little boy home to fill in the gap of the mother that they have lost. Once deciding that the three boys should become brothers, they fill the room up with another bed and drawer for the new and unofficial brother. When officializing their unofficial brotherhood, they begin to learn all about eachother like they have just met. They learn their fears, their likes, their dislikes, and their dreams. The three friends then work together to help with the problems the other is having.

Since the book is from different ponts iof views, it feel as if the book was a movie and I could see it in my head. With the theme of three freshman in highschool, the energy and detail of the book sticks in my head and I can't put the book down. By the time I had finsihed the book, I felt as if I were an actual character; I had been though the same thing. The ideas that were thrown into the charcters head to overcome an obsticle in the story, sometimes work, other times, did not. As I read , I realized everything that the characters had to go through to get to where they are now, in highschool.

With Augie writing the school play and T.C with his new little friend, Alejandra has a few things to work on as well. Like, her love for dance. Al's parents think that she is studying to get the grades for Harvard, but she's really at the studio trying to memorize her song and dance.

The book to me overall is a phenomenal book. It’s all about love, romance, and a little humor. I loved the way the author made each character its own chapter. So, when it came to the next chapter, a new character would share its own opinion and share what was going on in the story from their personal point of view. The book was so in detail that whenever a character would talk, I could picture every detail in my mind. From beginning to end, the book was always in focused. I could just picture the ending from the beginning. I could see a happy ending. This book is definitely something that you won’t want to put down because on every page it just gets better and better. I highly recommend it. The characters are people who you would want to get to know.

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