Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

October 28, 2011
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This book is about a girl named Eddie Reeves and how she try’s to figure out why her father would commit suicide; her life is filled with the question why? Why would he kill himself but most important why would he if he had everything that matters in life a family that loves him, students that he inspires, and being a legendary photographer.
But then she meets one of her dad’s students (Culler Evans) who happens to know her dad more than she does. Even though she doesn’t know him that well, she teams up with him to try and figure out why her father would kill himself, so that she can finally get an answer.
What Eddie doesn’t realize is that she starts to fall for Culler Evans slowly and that becomes a problem because her best friend Milo starts to fall for her and she doesn’t even notice.
Fall for Anything is a book that falls under many categories, every second that you keep reading you’ll be up to your knees in suspense, mystery, and romance. Once you get near the end that’s when it starts to get haunting and then there’s just one more thing left to think about “In the end are some questions better left unanswered?”

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