Eragon by Christopher Paolini

October 28, 2011
By chocolatecake15 BRONZE, Castro Valley, California
chocolatecake15 BRONZE, Castro Valley, California
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Eragon—A Story of a Boy, Magic, and a Dragon

Eragon, written by Christopher Paolini, is the story about a journey the protagonist of the book,
Eragon, takes as he flees the Empire and Galbatorix's dictatorship. I have always wanted to read Eragon, but when I checked it out from the library, I could never remember to read it. In fact, I'd completely forget about it until its due date. But last month, I finally decided to read it again, and I finally finished it: it was amazing!

Eragon is a boy who was abandoned by his mother and never knew his father. He grew up being raised by his uncle, Garrow, and his cousin, Roran. At the beginning of the book, Eragon is hunting deer through the Spine, a large forest near his village Carvahall. Suddenly, after a large “boom!”, a beautiful blue rock appears. Eragon, hoping to sell it, brings it home.

However, none of the traveling traders buy it. Eragon keeps it in his room and forgets about it, until one night when he hears cracking noises. To his amazement, a dragon was born. He keeps her a secret, keeping her in the Spine and bringing her meat do eat. One day, the village is attacked. The dragon, trying to save Eragon's life, puts him on her back and flies far away. Eragon doesn't want to leave; he wanted to make sure Garrow would be okay. After much convincing,the dragon reluctantly flies back with Eragon, and to their shock, Eragon's farm is destroyed and Garrow has been seriously injured. His injuries are fatal. Seeking revenge, Eragon, Saphira (the dragon), and a storyteller from the village, Brom, go on a quest to find the Ra'zac, the creatures that attacked their village.

Although reluctant at first, Brom became an important travel companion that Eragon needed. The “storyteller” knew a lot more than just stories. From him, Eragon learns that dragons do not born for just anybody; they choose who to vote for. Eragon realizes that he is a Rider, someone who had the close companionship of a dragon and can do magic. He is constantly in danger, facing Urgals, soldiers, and many other enemies. Brom helps him by teaching him the ancient language (which he uses to perform magic) and how to fight with a sword. After an unexpected turn of events, Eragon decides to find the Varden instead, as he would not be able to kill the Ra'zac alone. He would be safer with them, and he can help them accomplish their goal: to defeat the Empire. On top of all of this, Eragon sees a strange woman in his dreams, and he feels the need to save her.

Eragon is a book full of excitement, sadness, and bravery. Despite all the things he has to overcome, Eragon is always ready to move ahead, to continue. He doesn't give up; instead he keeps fighting. Through Eragon, the author conveys a theme of this book: keep persevering, even when circumstances are grim; the only way to accomplish a goal is to never give up.

Eragon is an exciting, suspenseful, and deeply moving read. It is book 1 of the Inheritance series by author Christopher Paolini. The book after Eragon is Eldest, then Brisingr, and the fourth one, Inheritance, comes out November 2011.

The author's comments:
I really enjoyed this book, and I can't wait to finish reading the entire series!

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