Animal Farm by George Orwell

October 20, 2011
By Messmer BRONZE, Laurelville, Ohio
Messmer BRONZE, Laurelville, Ohio
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in the novel Animal Farm by:George orwell the antagonist is the pig Napoleon. He is the antagonist because he fights against the protagonist Snowball. Also he manipulates all of the other animals of Animal farm. And by the end he has broken all of the rules of animalism.

During the story Napoleon fights Snowball (the protagonist) at every turn such as in the debates when Snowball proposed an idea Napoleon points out everything wrong with it and shoots it down. An example of this is when Snowball thinks of the idea of the windmill napoleon pees on his blueprints. But Napoleon shows complete open hostility in the debate about the windmill when he runs Snowball out with his dogs. Then afterwards he pins everything bad that happens on Snowball and uses him as a scapegoat.

Another thing that makes Napoleon the antagonist he manipulates all of the animals in Animal Farm. He manipulates them through Squealer, the sheep and the dogs. He uses the sheep tho silence anyone who speaks out by bleating “Four legs good two legs bad!”. Also he uses the dogs to make the animals too afraid to speak out against him. he uses squealer to make the animals believe he is always right or make them believe they had imagined certain things or convinced them that everything was better than when jones ruled over them.

Napoleon also leads all the pigs to break all of the commandments of animalism. They broke the rules that they wouldn’t sleep in beds drink alcohol or use money and trade first. Later they broke the rules that they wouldn’t kill another animal wear clothes or walk on two legs. Every time they broke a rule they changed the rules on the side of the barn so they said they did nothing wrong except for when they broke the last rule All Animals Are Equal after this they crossed out all of them and wrote ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

Napoleon, fought the protagonist, manipulated all of the animals and broke all of the rules of animalism. overall these things make Napoleon the antagonist.

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