The Kid Table by Andrea Seigel

October 12, 2011
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What would you do if you had furniture that was always there, at almost all family gatherings? In The Kid Table, written by Andrea Seigel, that is what Ingrid Bell and her fellow cousins’ experience, through a series of five family events. The table is always there, and no one knows how it gets from place to place, and no one questions it. The whole purpose of the kid table is plain and simple. It’s where the kids of the family sit, no matter how old they get; at least that is what it seems like. The Kid Table is Seigel’s first young adult novel, and in my opinion, the best out of all three books she has ever written.

The kid table is where Ingrid and her cousins belong. To the adults that is what they are- kids. Throughout most of the book Ingrid tries to figure out what it takes for her and her fellow kid table comrades to be seen as adults and not be required to sit at that wretched table anymore. Whilst figuring this out, Ingrid also helps some of her cousins deal with issues such as anorexia, homosexuality and alcoholism that may seem problematic to teenagers these days. But one question rings true throughout the length of the novel; what does it take to leave the kid table and finally join the adult society?

Personally, I think The Kid Table was well worth my time to read. The author, Andrea Seigel obviously knows what she is talking about, and is definitely great at what she does. In this fast paced, humorous teen novel, Andrea Seigel uses descriptive words and also had a very strong lead sentence that automatically hooked me in: “My earliest memory is fuzzy, not because of time, but because I’m looking out of a full body jumper.” This makes me wonder, what earliest memory? Why is the character in a full body jumper in the first place? The way she set the mood and described the beginning using such vivid details hooked me and interested me in reading further and exploring what the novel was all about. Seigel was also fully informed on what she was writing about. She knew all about the teen issues discussed in the book, so as the reader, I could get a sense of what these topics were, and how to deal with them.
According to various customer reviews, “The writing is original, full of insight, but not in an eat-your-greens, these-insights-are-good-for-you kind of way. I haven't laughed so much in ages. And it's incredibly wise about families too. So wise, you might recognize yourself and cringe. Read it. You won't regret it. Really, it's great.” “I found myself not wanting to put this book down and wanting more. I would very much recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read and anyone who has ever had to sit at the Kid Table while growing up!” The Kid Table is so delightful that it is soon to be part of a major motion picture!
The Kid Table had me in a positive mood from start to finish. The characters are lively, totally hilarious, and easy to relate to. This book really is one to pick up and enjoy on your next trip to the bookstore. The author did not let me down, not even for an instant! Ingrid is a highly memorable character, sharp witted, fierce, and quick tongued. She spoke whatever she had on her mind, and her character was and still is the person that I hope to become one day. So if you’re searching for a book to read, you’ve found it. The Kid Table by Andrea Seigel will have you laughing and crying right along with the characters. I guarantee it!

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Primleyrose said...
Oct. 20, 2011 at 6:22 pm
i really liked your article and I'm reallly ineterested in reading The Kid Table now! Thank you!
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