the Host by Stephanie Meyer

October 6, 2011
By enemee BRONZE, Williamsburg, Kentucky
enemee BRONZE, Williamsburg, Kentucky
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I read this book only as an exchange with a friend. I guess I am a good friend, because that's also the only reason that I read the Twilight series in the first place and thus the only reason I had to dislike Steph Meyer's writing. However, next to Twilight, the Host is wonderful. In the grand scheme of things, though? Merely mediocre.

I found the third person prologue a but trying as Meyer would mention things, allow the reader to figure out on their own what they were, and two pages later proceed to "explain" them. Unnecessarily.

Once the book switched to first person, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. The setting is quite original, and it is really a very creative idea. The problem is that half way through the book Meyer inserts her inevitable love triangle and it proceeds to take precedence over everything else that is going on - the really original and creative parts. Even when the story is focusing on something else, the one track mind of Meyer's first person character is much like Bella's in that she cannot seem to do anything without permeating her thoughts (and Meyer's writing) with what I can only describe as whining of the worst sort.

The ending of the book was acceptable, but not satisfying. Nothing that the main character spent countless pages obsessing over turned out to be that big of a problem. I'll admit that for most of the book I found myself entertained - might even say that I enjoyed it - and this is MUCH more than I can say for the Twilight saga. So, for me, the Host is an improvement for Stephanie Meyer.

Near the middle of the book, at the beginning of a chapter Meyer writes a sentence that I read three times, wondering if an editor ever saw the book or if the publishing house was just eager to get it out so it could ride on the back of her Twilight success. "...leaving no external sign on the outside of the havoc inside his brain." Leaving no external sign on the outside. Sorry, but reading this made me want to choke her as much as Melanie/Wanderer wanted to throttle her Seeker.

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