the last song by nicholas sparks

October 8, 2011
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Nicholas Sparks is an exceptional writer . one of his many books includes The Last Song.
Veronica (aka Ronnie) refuses to speak to her dad. Everyone thinks it just because she's a teenager who is mad at her parents for getting a divorce. Ronnie is rebellious , daring, and she doesn’t listen. At first glance you might think shes a mean person, a trouble maker. But if you look closer you will see how remarkably nice she is to children. You’ll see how she slept outside just to save a bunch of turtle's eggs. You’ll see how she offfered her friend called Blaze a place to stay after Blaze had gotten her into a bunch of trouble.
Ronnie has to overcome many obsticles . she must learn to forgive herself, her father, Blaze, Marcus, her mother and Will. She has to deal with a scary, stalkerish boy that likes her and to recognize true love when she sees it.
Will must learn that keeping things botteled up doesn’t make it right or make them go away. He learns that sometimes to be a better friend you have to tell.
Blaze learns that her mother does love her and not to ruin your friendships over a boy or believe everything they say.
The reason for the titel is because the last thing Ronnie does for her dad is play him the song he started but couldn’t finish.
This is just one of the many books Nicholas Sparks has written.

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