The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crighton

October 4, 2011
By Jonathan Lancey BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
Jonathan Lancey BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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The Andromeda Strain

The beginning of the fiction novel The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crighton contains much suspense and terror that leaves the reader wanting answers. Two men sent to retrieve a satellite that has fallen to Earth find a town full of dead corpses instead. The mystery, though, lies in the few that do survive.

Specialists get rushed in, and every bit of technology available becomes utilized to crack the code of the new disease that came from the fallen satellite. However, every further discovery yields more questions than answers. This organism becomes more complex than the entire United States government can imagine.

Crighton takes every opportunity possible to explain government protocol, the role of any agencies that get involved, and how a lot of the technology used in the novel works in great detail. This author goes off on a lot of tangents, some being particularly boring and uneventful. Certain information intrigues the mind, but other information just becomes too boring to read. Other than that, this thriller has no drawbacks.
The ending of the novel has much action and suspense. Therefore, the final drama cannot be spoiled here. All that can be said is that the massive amount of confusion and questioning results in a series of events which could never have been predicted.
This novel proves to be an excellent work of literature to read for those interested in studying deadly diseases and suspense novels in general. Readers who love not being able to guess what happens next should absolutely look into The Andromeda Strain. Michael Crighton has a plethora of knowledge and puts this extreme intelligence into every work of literature, leading one to believe that this gentleman appears to be more of a scientist than an author.

“This will Certify that the enclosed work is completely original.”
Word Count: 295

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