Knucklehead by Jon Sciezka

October 3, 2011
By blObbOx BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
blObbOx BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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Have you ever read one of Jon Scieszka’s books and ever thought, “Where does he get those ideas?” If you did then think no further because Knucklehead is here. Knucklehead is a story for people who like to crack-up and like autobiographies. Now don’t let the genre give you second thoughts, Knucklehead is a fast-pasted book that will literally split your sides. For instance Jon and one of his five brothers, (the oldest one) for some time lived in the basement, near the furnace. Then one day it got to hot. So the decided to urinate on it to cool it down. Instead, it burnt the urine into fumes and it smelt, in the words of Jon, “The worst smell ever!”

In my opinion Knucklehead is colorful, gut busting, and just plain fun. The strengths, which are common, are the same as my other comments except for the fact that every story in this book has the same amount of humor and creativity as any other comedy book. The weaknesses, however, are nearly non-present. The setting takes place in a suburb in Michigan around the late 50s and early 60s. Their mom was a nurse and their dad was a school principal. The Scieszka brothers loved WWII. They would even play war in a lot full of holes and dirt clogs.

In the end, any middle schooler that loves to laugh should get this book.

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