Fablehaven by Mor

October 3, 2011
By Free-lance-writer BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Free-lance-writer BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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If you like books with action, adventure and ones that that shows you a world full of all sorts of magic and demons then Mor’s Fablehaven is the fantasy for you. The story follows a teenage girl named Kendra and her reckless brother Seth as they explore the magical preserve of Fablehaven, led by their grandfather into an adventure of a lifetime.

This book however is greatly brought down through the lack of heroism by Kendra our protagananist. I believe Mor our author is trying to capture the feeling of a normal girl way out of her league which is normal at the beginning of the book, but Kendra unlike Seth who obtains a sense of responsibility never grows into more. She never obtains a heroic status, and it is that heroism that both action adventure and fantasy enjoy reading about. All-though if you can distract yourself from this, I feel this book has a really entertaining and important property that makes it unique. Unlike other books like the Rangers Apprentice a series although really good but, lacks the exploration into the characters that makes books really enjoyable, But that’s what Fablehaven is so good at doing going back there and really prying open the character and lets you examine them.

In the end though I feel this book could have been much more don’t misunderstand this still is an exceptional book, just not all that it could have been. I still recommend this book not only to children but to all ages. It really is a great book, but not all it could have been which is an amazing piece of literature.

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