Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly

September 30, 2011
By mdc1193 BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
mdc1193 BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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The novel Seventeenth Summer, written by Maureen Daly is a breathtaking story about a young female named Angeline "Angie" Morrow and her final summer of being a teenager. The young Angie Morrow did not believe in love, in fact it made her cringe. Angie lived in a very conservative town, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where all of the young kids were falling in love.

This novel takes place during Angie’s last summer at home, before she leaves to go to college in Chicago. Angie attended a local academy, therefore schoolwork had meant everything, until she met Jack Duluth. Sitting in the academy, she would hear about Jack, all the girls were either dating him or criticizing him. Jack worked for a local bakery and always walked around town trying to make a profit. After a few run-ins, the two finally began a relationship. The two realized that they have limited time before its time to pack up and leave to go in separate directions. The duo creates an almost perfect relationship and before leaving Jack admits his love for Angie, but she has a hard time doing the same.
This novel tells the story of Angie’s seventeenth summer and how she views it to be her very best summer in her moments of falling in like with Jack Duluth. I recommend this book to all girls of any age who enjoy love stories. I also recommend this book to women who love to stick up for themselves and never let anybody get the best of them.
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